03. February 2021

Top 5 unDraw Alternatives compared in 2021

What is unDraw.co?

Undraw.co was released in 2017 with the aim of helping designers contribute to the open source community to provide design skills to everyone.

For example, a website was published that contains countless SVG images. These can also be downloaded as normal PNG images.

The unDraw graphics can be integrated free of charge and without reference to the author.

Why should you look for an unDraw alternative at all?

However, undraw.co became more and more popular, including from Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Harvard Business School. Today, the graphics can be seen on countless pages.

In order to stand out from the crowd, you have to look for an unDraw alternative.

This collection of unDraw alternatives consists of a few paid, but also a lot of free alternatives. The advantage of a paid alternative is, that it’s more exclusive and the advantage of a free alternative is obvious – it’s free.

Huge Illustration Pack & Creator

With this illustration pack, you can create your own illustration scenes. You get files for Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD (free) and Figma (free).

With more than 300 illustrations, over 50 scenes and more than 100 web templates you have unlimited possibilities.

When you click on the blue preview button, you can see a small preview of the pack.

undraw alternative illustration pack


Humaaans is a free library where you can mix and match illustrations of people.

While there are only objects or animals on unDraw, Humaaans is only about 2D people.

However, you can easily replace people’s positions, clothes, colors and hairstyle with the humaaans library, which is not possible with unDraw.

Humaaans unDraw Alternative

In addition, you can add backgrounds and use the power of libraries to make them your own

Humaaans is available as a library in the following graphic programs:

InVision Studio
Adobe XD

Like unDraw, Humaaans does not require a reference to the author.


Sapiens is fully customizable in their web app. You can customize the character, can decide if he/she should walk, run, stand or cycle. You can also change the background.

This character library is free in the web app, but if you want even more options you can buy the extension here.

You can export your character in 3 styles – colorful, duotone or outline.

undraw alternative sapiens


At Ouch.pics you can find different styles. The style most similar to unDraw is Fogg.

The images are free of charge in the PNG format. SVGs cost 9$.

In contrast to unDraw, the selection is clearly limited. For example, the Fogg style contains only 42 pictures.

Humaaans unDraw Alternative

Graphics by Ouch.pics

Ouch.pics requires a reference to the author as a link, which can be inserted in the footer, for example.


The ManyPixels Illustration Gallery is very similar to the unDraw Gallery.

Both offer the download both as SVG and as PNG free of charge.

In addition, both have a color setting to adapt the graphics to your color before downloading.

In contrast to Ouch.pics, ManyPixels also complies with unDraw and does not require a reference to the author.

ManyPixels unDraw Alternative


All in all, ManyPixels is most similar to unDraw, making it the best unDraw alternative. But with Humaaans or Ouch.pics you can also create very beautiful illustrations for your website.

In addition, here are a few noteworthy pages:

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