28. March 2024

Does Triple Whale support WooCommerce?


Triple Whale is an awesome tool to track your e-commerce sales for your Shopify online store. Is it possible to also track WooCommerce stores with it?

What is Triple Whale?

Triple Whale is a sales tracking tool designed specifically for e-commerce businesses. It is designed to help e-commerce businesses maximize their sales and grow their revenue. This tool provides businesses with valuable insights into their sales data, helping them correct decisions about where to spend the money.

Can you use Triple Whale in WooCommerce?

Triple Whale is only available for Shopify and not WooCommerce. This means that e-commerce businesses using the WooCommerce platform will not be able to take advantage of the benefits offered by Triple Whale.

It’s worth noting that while Triple Whale may not be available for WooCommerce, there are other sales tracking tools and plugins available for this platform.

Tools like Triple Whale for WooCommerce



Adverfly is even cheaper than Triple Whale and also supports WooCommerce.



AnyTrack is also cheaper than Triple Whale and supports WooCommerce.


cometly dashboard screenshot

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How does Triple Whale integrate with WooCommerce?

Unfortunately Triple Whale doesn’t support WooCommerce. But you can use Adverfly, if you want to track your ad sales.

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