31. January 2024

How to create a Divi FAQ Module or Section in Divi?

What is a Divi FAQ Module?

A Divi FAQ in the dropdown style is a FAQ, that opens up like a toggle in the Divi Theme. There are two ways how to achieve this in Divi. Both options I will show you today:

Option 1: Use the accordion module

In the accordion option, you can only have 1 question open at the same time. After the page loads, the first one is open by default and when you open the second one, the first one will close automatically.

divi faq dropdown accordeon

Option 2: Use the tab module

With the tab module, every question is its own module. If you open one, it has no effect on the other one. You can decide which one should be open after the page loads.

divi faq dropdown toggle

With Divi you can also custom develop your own FAQ dropdown element with a code module.

Option 3: Rank Math FAQ

rankmath faq 1

If you want to install an additional plugin to also get a FAQ schema, I would recommend going for Rank Math. It even has a Divi integration.

In conclusion

There are two primary ways to create a Divi FAQ Dropdown in the Divi Theme: either use the accordion module, which only shows one question at a time, or use the tab module, which gives you more control over the visibility of each question individually. Divi also gives developers the option to use the code module to create a custom FAQ dropdown element, which is great for individuals who are proficient with code.

I suggest using Rank Math if you wish to install an extra plugin in order to obtain a FAQ schema

Frequently asked questions about Divi FAQ Module

What are the options to create a Divi FAQ Module?

Option 1: Use the accordion module
Option 2: Use the tab module
Option 3: Install the RankMath plugin

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