07. July 2022

How to filter anything in Elementor?

This is a quick instruction on how you can filter anything you want in Elementor.

It shows you how you can create a:

  • Filterable portfolio with own modules
  • Filterable video gallery
  • Filterable gallery
  • How you can filter every Elementor element.

1. Download the plugin

The first step is to download the free Elementor Filter plugin here: Download

2. Upload and activate the plugin

In your WordPress dashboard, you click on Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin and choose the elementorfilter.zip file. Afterwards you go to Installed Plugins and activate it.

3. Create or open a page with Elementor

If you already have a page, with a layout that you want to filter you can open that. Otherwise, create a new page and open it with Elementor.

4. Create a section with buttons

Create a section for the filter buttons.

elementor filter buttons

5. Add classes to button

Open the button settings and add the ef-button class to each button module. You also add efc-CATEGORY for each category you want to filter.

If you don’t add any efc-CATEGORY class, then all elements will be shown.

ef button class buttons

6. Create another section and add class

Create a new section for the filterable elements and add the ef-area class to it.

section settings team

7. Create elements you want to filter

Create rows and add your modules you want to filter into the columns.

Only the columns will be filtered, so make sure to add one filter element into one column.

8. Add classes to columns

Open the row settings and then click on the gear icon to access the column settings.

Here you add the efc-CATEGORY class, that you want the element in that column to show up for.

column settngs class

Now everything is set up. If you now click a button e.g. with efc-CATEGORY1 then only columns, with this class will be shown. All others will be hidden.

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