19. July 2022

How to filter anything in Divi for free?

This is a quick instruction on how you can filter anything you want in Divi.

It shows you how you can create a:

  • Filterable portfolio with own modules
  • Filterable video gallery
  • Filterable gallery
  • How you can filter every Divi module.

Video Tutorial

1. Download the plugin

The first step is to download the free Divi Filter plugin here: Download

2. Upload and activate the plugin

In your WordPress dashboard, you click on Plugins → Add New → Upload Plugin and choose the divifilter.zip file. Afterwards you go to Installed Plugins and activate it.

Upload and activate Divi Filter Plugin

3. Create or open a page with the Divi Builder

If you already have a page, with a layout that you want to filter you can open that. Otherwise, create a new page and open it with the Divi Builder.

4. Create a section with buttons

Create a section for the filter buttons.

divi filter buttons

5. Add classes to button

Open the button settings and add the df-button class to each button module. You also add dfc-CATEGORY for each category you want to filter.

If you don’t add any dfc-CATEGORY class, then all elements will be shown.

button classes divi filter

6. Create another section and add class

Create a new section for the filterable elements and add the df-area class to it.

section settings divi filter

7. Create modules you want to filter

Create rows and add your modules you want to filter into the columns.

Only the columns will be filtered, so make sure to add one filter element into one column.

8. Add classes to columns

Open the row settings and then click on the gear icon to access the column settings.

Here you add the dfc-CATEGORY class, that you want the element in that column to show up for.

Now everything is set up. If you now click a button e.g. with dfc-CATEGORY1 then only columns, with this class will be shown. All others will be hidden.

Disclosure: Some of my posts contain ‘affiliate links.’ This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

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2 months ago

Cool Daniel, very simple.

I’m making my filterable gallery images and I came cross navigation between images with lightbox opened. How can I navigate from one image or category into another?

2 months ago
Reply to  Daniel

Thanks Daniel. Another question: how can I change active mode style of df-button?

2 months ago

Hello Daniel, Is it possible to arrange all the elements horizontally – next to each other? Buttons next to filter results? The solution you propose is quite interesting, but even with the premium version I cannot arrange the selection buttons next to the results. And I need it very much. On the left, a selection – on the right, the result. Not like now, choice at the top, the result at the bottom. Could you give me a hint?

2 months ago
Reply to  Daniel

Thank you! I’m starting tests!

2 months ago
Reply to  Daniel

Everything works just like you wrote Daniel. Thank you. I would be grateful if you could tell me how to make an orange module for the buttons and the 4 columns on the right for the results in special circuits?


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