26. May 2023

Triple Whale Pricing – Get a 15% Discount on all plans


Triple Whale is an awesome tracking tool for your e-commerce store. But how much does it cost? One is for sure.. you don’t have to worry about unexpected costs or hidden fees with Triple Whales’ pricing.

Triple Whale pricing – how much does it cost?

With monthly or annual plans available, Triple Whale offers a subscription-based pricing model. The prices start at $100 per month, and they offer various plans based on tracked revenue.

Triple Whale has 3 options available:

  • TW Dashboard: $100
  • TW Attribution: $300 (includes the TW Dashboard)
  • TW Full Whale: $400 (includes TW Attribution and Dashboard)

Those are the prices for each plan until $1.000.000 yearly revenue.

When you get the TW Dashboard you only get the dashboard + profit tracking, but you don’t see how your ads are performing in detail. That’s why I would recommend the TW Attribution plan for the start.

If you want to analyze your ad creatives, you should get the TW Full Whale plan with the Creative Cockpit.

triple whale pricing

If you are interested in Triple Whale, you can get 15% discount with the code DV15.

Triple Whale is much cheaper than Hyros.


In Summary, Triple Whale is one of the best tracking solutions, that you can get for that pricing. It adjusts to your revenue, and I’m using it myself since almost 1 year.

Frequently asked questions about Triple Whale pricing

How much does Triple Whale cost?

Triple Whale offers a subscription-based pricing model, with monthly or annual plans available. Prices start at $100 per month.

Can I get a Triple Whale discount?

Yes, in this article you can get a 15% discount on all plans.

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