01. January 2024

SeedProd vs Elementor: Which Is The Best Page Builder?

When it comes to building a website, page builders make it easy to create custom designs without needing to know how to code. SeedProd and Elementor are two of the most popular page builders on the market. While both tools have similarities, they also have some differences that might make one better suited for your needs. Let’s dive into the details of each tool.

What is SeedProd?

SeedProd is a page builder that helps users create custom landing pages, coming soon pages, and maintenance mode pages. It’s a standalone plugin that can be used with any WordPress theme. SeedProd comes with a drag-and-drop editor, pre-built templates, and customization options.

What is Elementor?

elementor plugin ui

Elementor is a page builder that allows users to design custom pages using a drag-and-drop editor. It’s a WordPress plugin that comes with pre-built templates and widgets. Elementor is known for its ease of use and flexibility.

Features Comparison

User Interface

Both SeedProd and Elementor have intuitive interfaces that are easy to use. SeedProd has a simple and clean interface that’s easy to navigate. Elementor has a more complex interface with more options and settings like Divi.

Pre-Built Templates

SeedProd offers over 100 pre-built templates for landing pages, coming soon pages, and maintenance mode pages. Elementor offers over 300 pre-built templates for various types of pages, including homepages, landing pages, and about pages.

Drag and Drop Editor

Both SeedProd and Elementor come with drag-and-drop editors that allow users to create custom designs without coding. SeedProd’s editor is simple and easy to use. Elementor’s editor is more complex but also offers more customization options.


SeedProd offers a good level of customizability with its drag-and-drop editor, but it doesn’t offer as many customization options as Elementor. Elementor allows users to customize every aspect of their pages, from fonts and colors to padding and margins.

Mobile Responsiveness

Both SeedProd and Elementor are mobile responsive and allow users to preview their designs on different devices.

Speed and Performance

SeedProd is known for its fast loading speed and performance. Elementor can sometimes slow down websites, especially if users add too many animations or custom effects.


Both SeedProd and Elementor integrate with various third-party tools and services, such as email marketing providers and CRM software. Elementor has more integrations available than SeedProd.


SeedProd offers 4 pricing plans: Basic, Plus, Pro and Elite. The Basic plan starts at $39.50 per year, while the Pro plan costs $199.50 per year.

seedprod pricing

Elementor offers a free version as well as a Premium version.

elementor pricing

My review about SeedProd vs Elementor

In my experience I prefer Elementor over SeedProd. Elementor has a bigger community and is the best page builder right now on the market. They recently released the Elementor AI feature, that you have to check out.

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