02. January 2024

My netcup review and experiences

What is netcup?

Netcup is a German hosting company from Karlsruhe. They are specialists in the field of web hosting, servers and domains.

netcup erfahrungen

What makes netcup stand out?

  • For one, definitely the price. If you compare netcup with other hosting providers, it is definitely one of the cheapest. Partly, they also offer a price guarantee for products and undercut the price of a comparable product by 10%.
  • Netcup offers a 1 click installation for some CMS, like WordPress. This makes netcup a top WordPress hosting and a great Hetzner alternative.
  • Then there is the environmental aspect. Netcup runs the entire data center from renewable energy sources. 100% green electricity.
  • Netcup also offers free DDoS protection on root servers, managed servers and dedicated servers.

Netcup support experience

Netcup’s support is great. Netcup is available by email and by phone and I have never waited in line for more than 15 minutes.

Netcup reviews

Netcup has a 3.8 rating on trustpilot and rates as good as all negative reviews. This is a good rating for a hosting company. The netcup alternative Hetzner has 3.1 as a comparison.

netcup bewertungen

My netcup experience

I am really satisfied with netcup. However, there was a phase where the failures accumulated and I was not satisfied with the speed. At that time, I looked around for a netcup alternative.

However, then came a last announced outage for only 5 minutes, which significantly improved the speed of my website. Since then, there was no further outage and I am still with netcup and now completely satisfied again.

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