01. February 2024

Netcup offers

About Netcup

The company Netcup from Karlsruhe offers web hosting accounts, domains and servers. There are now over 100,000 customers at Netcup.

What distinguishes Netcup?

For one thing, definitely the price. If you compare Netcup with other hosting providers, it is definitely one of the cheap ones. In some cases, they also offer a price guarantee for products and undercut the price by 10% if a comparable product is presented.

Then the environmental aspect. Netcup operates the entire data center from renewable energies. 100% green electricity.

netcup green energy

Netcup also offers free DDoS protection on root servers, managed servers and dedicated servers.

But enough about the company, here are the top Netcup offers:

Web hosting EiWoMiSau

One of these Netcup offers is the egg laying wool dairy sow (German shortage EiWoMiSau). For €4.76 per month you get 20 inclusive domains, 250 GB SSD web and email storage space – a total of 500 GB.

Web storage: 250 GB SSD
Email storage space: 250 GB SSD
Domains included: 20 x de
Databases: 500
Price: only €4.76 (per month)

€5 new customer voucher

With the voucher 36nc15868749390 you will also receive a €5 discount on your first purchase at Netcup (domains excluded).

netcup offers

Web hosting special mini

This Netcup offer is perfect for handicrafts at only 19ct per month. If you are not yet sure whether you want to start a blog or something similar, you can feel your way around with this tariff.

If you take a .de domain from another provider to Netcup, you only pay 9ct per month! That is the Netcup Webhosting Special Transfer Mini offer.

This offer enables you to install a WordPress installation.

Web storage: 1GB SSD
Email storage space: 1GB SSD
Inclusive domains: 1 x de
Databases: 1
Price: € 0.19 (per month)

€30 switching bonus

If you switch from another provider to Netcup, you will receive a €30 exchange discount with the code go2netcup.

Most of the Netcup offers also include:

  • Voluntary backup: Netcup regularly backs up the data on the web server (websites, e-mails and databases).
  • Free traffic
  • Free SSL certificates Let’s Encrypt
  • Email spam filter


Netcup is a web hosting company known for its affordable prices, eco-friendly approach using 100% green electricity, and additional features such as free DDoS protection, voluntary backups, and SSL certificates.

Their offers, such as “EiWoMiSau” and “Special Mini,” cater to different needs, and with bonuses like a €5 new customer voucher and a €30 switching discount, Netcup stands out as a great choice for both individuals and businesses looking for reliable and budget-friendly hosting solutions.

Disclosure: Some of my posts contain ‘affiliate links.’ This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.


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