29. March 2024

LearnDash review – Course Management WordPress

What is LearnDash?

LearnDash is a WordPress learning management software (LMS) that lets you create, manage and offer courses and tutorials. It is one of the most popular LMS options on the market, offers a wide range of features, and it is compatible with a number of WordPress themes and plugins.

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Features of LearnDash – Course Management WordPress

LearnDash is a strong tool for learning that has lots of useful features. Here are some of the best features LearnDash offers:

1. Course creation & management: LearnDash allows you to create, edit and manage your own courses. Courses can be broken down into lessons, themes, quizzes, and homework, which makes learning more organized. Also, you can also add/remove students and track their progress.

2. Scheduled Learning Release: With this tool, teachers can plan when course materials will be made available. By giving students a steady flow of information, it helps keep them interested and stops them from getting too overwhelmed.

3. Learning goals: you can set learning goals for your classes and keep track of them. You can make learning goals different for each lesson, or you can make them the same for all of them.

4. Quizzes and Assessments: LearnDash has a lot of features for quizzes, like the ability to set passing scores and a lot of different question types (multiple choice, true/false, essay, etc.). Teachers can make tests to see how much their students understand and how far they’ve come.

5. Templates: LearnDash offers a wide range of templates for creating courses and learning materials. These templates can help you save time and make your work more effective.

6. Support: LearnDash provides comprehensive support for users of all experience levels. You can read the help documentation, search the forum, or contact customer support if you need assistance.

Advantages of LearnDash

Here are some of the main advantages of LearnDash:

1. LearnDash offers first-class learning management features

The plugin offers a variety of useful learning management features, including course management, course progress tracking, email notifications, user management, and more. These features make it easier for learners and instructors to keep track of the course and ensure that all steps of the course are completed properly.

2. LearnDash is extremely user-friendly

It’s very easy to understand how to use the app. The layout is well-thought-out, so even people who have never used it before will have no trouble getting around. Moreover, LearnDash offers extensive documentation and support in case you do need help.

3. LearnDash is very flexible

The plugin is very flexible and can be customized to fit almost any online course. For example, you can determine whether courses should be divided into individual chapters or not, whether courses are available in sequence or free, etc. There are also a lot of different design choices, so you can make the course however you want.

4. LearnDash works with most WordPress themes and plugins.

I said it, but I’ll say it again. LearnDash is compatible with most popular WordPress themes and plugins. This means that you can easily integrate your online course with your existing WordPress website. So you don’t need to create a new website especially for your course.

5. LearnDash is SEO friendly

The plugin is search engine friendly, and you can use it to easily attract new participants to your online course. By integrating search engine optimization into the course, you can ensure that your course will be well listed on Google & Co and thus more people will become aware of your course.

LearnDash prices and packages

LearnDash costs $199 per year for 1 website. 10 websites cost $399.


LearnDash is a great choice for businesses, educational institutions, online trainers, and others looking for a powerful LMS option.

It offers custom courses, tutorials, sections, lessons, quizzes and more. There are also a number of additional features such as course favorites, course notes, course grades, course statistics and reports. The software also supports the creation of certificates for successful participation in courses.

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