27. January 2024

Debutify Theme Review

The Shopify theme Debutify has become extremely popular in recent years and is the most popular Shopify theme for dropshipping stores, especially in the USA.

Debutify is a freemium theme, which means that there is a free and a premium version.

Is the Debutify Theme available free?

Yes, the Debutify theme has a free version. However, it does not have access to the many Debutify Theme add-ons.

Only with the starter plan you get access to 5 add-ons.

Debutify also has a free 14 trial for the premium licenses.

What does the Debutify Theme cost?

Debutify has 3 paid plans.

With the Starter plan you get access to 5 add-ons and with the Pro license you get access to up to 30 add-ons.

debutify kosten

The highest license is the Enterprise license. Here you get access to 3 store licenses and all add-ons.

What are Debutify Add-Ons?

The Debutify Add-Ons are extensions that can be activated to define a shopping cart target, for example, from which the customer receives free shipping.

The add-ons are divided into different categories: Cart Maximizers, Conversion Triggers, Loyalty builders, Shopping Enhancers and Shop Protectors.

debutify add ons

My Debutify experience

Debutify is an all-rounder theme, which includes all the features already. So you don’t have to pay for all the different Shopify apps and save a lot of money.

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