13. April 2024

AnyTrack vs. Hyros: Which Tracking Tool is Better for You?

Campaign performance tracking and analysis is increasingly important in the field of digital marketing.

When it comes to tracking, AnyTrack and Hyros are two popular solutions among marketers. Which one will serve your purposes best? This post will help you choose between AnyTrack and Hyros by providing a thorough comparison of the two.

AnyTrack: A full tracking solution for E-Commerce and Affiliate


AnyTrack is an adaptable marketing and analytics tool that focuses on monitoring results from a variety of digital advertising sources. Key elements of AnyTrack include:

  • AnyTrack is great at identifying which traffic sources, marketing, and affiliate partners contributed to a particular conversion. You can use this information to fine-tune your advertising efforts.
  • Affiliate-Marketing-Related Help: AnyTrack caters specifically to affiliate marketers. You can see which affiliates are responsible for the highest conversions, which helps you optimize your advertising.
  • AnyTrack’s ability to connect with other analytics tools and affiliate networks means that you can collect and analyze data from all of your marketing channels in one place.
  • The platform provides powerful attribution modeling, illuminating the customer journey and the touchpoints that contribute most to conversions. You can use this information to greatly improve your marketing campaigns.
  • AnyTrack is supporting native Ads like Outbrain and Taboola. Hyros doesn’t offer those directly.
  • Another win for AnyTrack is the pricing. AnyTrack is much cheaper. If you want to know the price of Hyros, I have an article about that.
anytrack pricing
  • AnyTrack sends back data with the Facebook Conversion API. Hyros only uses the offline events. The same for the Google Ads Conversion tracking – AnyTrack uses the GTag Server-Side API and Hyros only offline events.

Hyros: Tracking with an awesome extension

On the other side, Hyros claims to be the best at analyzing data. To aid you in making educated choices, it provides cutting-edge analytics and data-driven insights. Hyros is unique because:

  • Hyros helps you deeply study how customers act. It tracks and analyzes how each person interacts with your website’s content and offerings.
  • Hyros helps you create detailed customer groups from their actions, so you can personalize your marketing for each person or specific customer groups.
  • Hyros’s primary goal is to get the most complete online tracking possible.
  • A big plus for Hyros is the chrome extension. With this, you can directly see your tracking data in the Ads managers (Facebook, Google).

Should you choose AnyTrack or Hyros?

Whether you go with AnyTrack or Hyros it comes down to your own requirements and preferences.

In my estimation, AnyTrack is great if you do a lot of affiliate marketing, want detailed information about your conversions, and need to share that information with other marketing tools. It can also give you tips that you can use to improve your work.

Hyros is the best way to get cutting edge predictive data, customer segmentation, and behavioral analytics. From my perspective, you should think about using Hyros if you want to fully understand how your customers act and make decisions based on data to boost conversions.

Summary AnyTrack vs Hyros

To sum up, both AnyTrack and Hyros are strong tracking tools, but they focus on different areas of digital ads. When choosing the best tool for your business, you should think about the needs and goals that are unique to you. A powerful tracking system will help your marketing work better, no matter whether you choose AnyTrack or Hyros.

Disclosure: Some of my posts contain ‘affiliate links.’ This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you.

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