24. January 2024

What are Shopify tags? A complete guide!

If you are a newbie to the world of online shopping, then this article is for you. In this post, we will discuss what Shopify tags are and how they can help your business. We will also explain the different types of tags available in Shopify.

What is a Shopify tag?

Shopify has its own set of tags, which are called “Shopify tags”.

Tags are basically keywords that you use to describe your products or services. These tags are used by search engines like Google and Bing. So when someone searches for something using these search engines, they see all the items which have been tagged with those particular words. This helps them find out more information about the product or service.

Tags are very important because it gives an idea about the type of item that you sell. It tells people what kind of things they should expect from your store. 

You can create multiple tags for each product or service.

Different types of tags

There are six main categories of tags:

what are shopify tags

1- Product

In Shopify, you can categorize products with this tag. The product detail page allows you to insert and remove tags. If your customers are searching for a product based on its features, color, season, price range, or any other keyword, product tags can be used to describe it.

2- Transfer

The details page of a transfer can be customized by adding or removing tags.

3- Customer

On the details page of a specific customer, you can add and remove tags. On any customer details page, you can also see all the tags associated with that customer.

As well as creating marketing campaigns or segments for personalized communications, customer tags can also be used to create customer tags. Customers who have been tagged with a particular action can also receive emails and SMS on a schedule.

4- Blog Post

You can also filter your e-commerce blog posts by tagging them on the Blog posts page, in addition to adding and removing tags.

5- Order

On the details page of an order, you can add and remove tags. Order tags can be used to categorize orders based on their delivery status, expected delivery dates, and fulfillment regions, among other things.

By doing so, you can ensure all fulfillment requirements are met by your shipping and logistics team.

6- Draft Order

On the details page of a specific draft order, tags can be added and removed. In the event that an order is created from a draft order, the tags associated with the draft order are carried over to the finished order.

If you’re a Shopify Plus user, you can add an unlimited number of tags to your products. With a standard plan, you can add 250 tags to products, customers, orders, and other items.

What are the benefits of using Shopify tags?

Here are some of the benefits of using Shopify tags:

1- SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your website. When you add tags to your products, you make it easier for search engines to understand what your products are about. As a result, your site will appear higher in search results.

2- Personalization

Personalizing content, such as email messages, offers, and promotions, is another way to improve conversions. For example, if you send out a promotional offer to someone who has previously purchased a certain product, you can use the tags associated with that purchase to personalize the message.

3- Marketing

Marketing tags help you identify potential buyers and prospects. By adding tags to your products, customers, and drafts, you can target your audience more effectively. You can then send targeted emails, text messages, and social media updates to these people.

4- Fulfillment

Fulfilling orders is one of the biggest challenges facing online retailers today. Tags allow you to organize your inventory and fulfill orders efficiently. This helps you avoid stock outs and delays, which can lead to lost sales.

Tags are especially useful when fulfilling orders from multiple warehouses. If you ship from two different warehouses, you can tag each item with the warehouse which it’s being shipped from. Then, when you need to fulfill an order, you can quickly find the right items.

What are Shopify tags – Final verdict

Shopify tags are a great tool for improving your business. They provide a simple way to organize your data and keep track of important information.

Moreover, they can help you personalize your marketing efforts and improve customer service. The only bad with Shopify tags is that you can only add up to 250 tags per account.

In general, you can edit or delete existing tags and you can use Shopify tags to create custom fields.

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