08. July 2022

Best 3 Mathway alternatives compared in 2022

Mathematics is still the hardest school subjects for most students. Luckily there are tools like Mathway, that can help you with your mathematic problems.



mathway alternative wolfram alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a really great Mathway alternative. Both tools are very similar and can both solve basically any math problem. Unlike mathway.com it has a mobile app, but it’s paid. The web app is free of course.


photomath mathway alternative

Photomath is another really great Mathway alternative. Unlike Mathway it’s only available as an app.

But the app has over 300 million downloads worldwide and is available in multiple languages.


quickmath mathway alternative

Quickmath is available as a webapp and as an Android / iOS App. Unfortunately, Quickmath doesn’t offer as much functionality as the other tools but it’s great for quick tasks like simplifying something.

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